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[EthMo] Bhop/Kz/Surf Public Server [toplist]
[w] kz_surf_whiteout
PLAYERS: 1 / 32

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[EthMo] CSGO Mode Public Server [toplist]
[w] kz_terablock
PLAYERS: 0 / 32
[EthMo] Surf Public Server [toplist]
[w] kz_surf_sluice
PLAYERS: 0 / 20
[EthMo] kz_longjumps2 [24/7] insilio.net
[w] kz_longjumps2
PLAYERS: 0 / 32
[EthMo] Hide and Seek
PLAYERS: 0 / 32
[EthMo] Bhop/Kz/Surf Public Server [Private]
PLAYERS: 1 / 32

[WR] Berkut
[EthMo] Xtreme-Jumps.eu CupServer [CUP]
PLAYERS: 0 / 32
[EthMo] Maptest Server
PLAYERS: 0 / 32
Map: holy_firstmap
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holy_firstmap [DL]
Author: [zz] hoLy
Shortcuts: 0 known
World record: xx:xx.xx by [n-a] n/a
Server record: by
Record info
Total records: 2
: 00:15.10 by [se] thebo

Records history
Player Time Date Get
[se] thebo 00:15.10 13.02.19 DL
Player Time Date Get
[ch] an-zaw 00:14.91 14.04.19 DL
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  • Newest Member: KoreynuvepehRussia Koreynuvepeh
  • Total registered members:356
  • Most ever online: 175
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  • France hoLy   1 week ago


  • Estonia GameChaos   1 month ago

    i'm dead!

  • Russia Lifestealer   1 month ago

    kzmod is dead

  • Estonia GameChaos   2 months ago

    i'm dead!

  • Spain hereibelong   2 months ago

    hey there. anyone alive? :) I'm just curious what happend to the old website ran by soulfather? are you guys planning to merge this community with xj anytime soon?

  • Serbia ristat   3 months ago


  • Kazakhstan mls   4 months ago


  • Russia Lifestealer   4 months ago

    When will be the next demo release, too few demos?

  • Argentina D2B   4 months ago

    hola Guachos!!! :)

  • Estonia Twizek   4 months ago

    why surf server missing kz_mix_journeys? it has nice surf course in it