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[EthMo] Bhop/Kz/Surf Public Server [toplist]
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[EthMo] CSGO Mode Public Server [toplist]
[w] kz_terablock
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[EthMo] Surf Public Server [toplist]
[w] kz_surf_sluice
PLAYERS: 0 / 20
[EthMo] kz_longjumps2 [24/7] insilio.net
[w] kz_longjumps2
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[EthMo] Hide and Seek
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[EthMo] Bhop/Kz/Surf Public Server [Private]
[w] kz_mix_plm
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[EthMo] Xtreme-Jumps.eu CupServer [CUP]
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[EthMo] Maptest Server
[w] kz_erratum
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News: Demo Release #5 - 7 New Worldrecords24 Feb 2019 : 19:24
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:0

kz_bhop_random2[bhop] done in 00:43.73 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_elate done in 03:43.88 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_rainbowbhop[legit_10aa] done in 02:30.45 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_real done in 01:38.64 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_sandbhop[10aa] done in 01:29.16 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_mix_etherealmovement[Bhop_Grass_EZ] done in 01:25.09 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2[cg_coldbhop_v2_h] done in 01:04.51 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)

We are pleased to announce that the LJ section is now working.
Before submit Demo, make sure you're familiar with the rules.


255 longjump
240 highjump
245 bunnyjump

Kreedz-Climbing.eu Staff
News: Gameserver #1 - 3 New Servers[Update]23 Feb 2019 : 16:46
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:3

hey dear kzmod players,

today we have expanded our server list.
Especially players from the US should enjoy this. We also offer a server for the surf players.
Kreedz-Climbing.eu | All maps + Toplist | [US]
Kreedz-Climbing.eu | SURF + Toplist | [US]
Kreedz-Climbing.eu | SURF + Toplist | [EU]

hosted by [se] Sit

kreedz-climbing.eu Staff
News: Demo Release #4 - 8 New Worldrecords22 Feb 2019 : 18:51
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:0

kz_maze_wickedgarden[maze_1] done in 00:18.75 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_maze_wickedgarden[maze_2] done in 00:24.17 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_minimania[nfs_longjumps_ez] done in 00:17.82 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_genesis[bricks] done in 01:55.24 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_minimania[Karnak_Mini] done in 00:58.32 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_minimania[nfs_longjumps_hrd] done in 00:19.57 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_ninjarush done in 02:49.85 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_genesis done in 00:57.51 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
News: Demo Release #3 - 9 New Worldrecords17 Feb 2019 : 10:56
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:2

kz_bhop_oceanside[bhopmode] done in 00:27.39 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_fofmania[blocks2006] done in 01:19.43 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_fofmania[dale] done in 00:54.31 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_fofmania[xmas2008] done in 00:36.88 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_fofmania[xmas2009] done in 00:53.21 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_utopia done in 01:49.24 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_oceanside[autobhop] done in 00:20.06 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_em_carbonbase[Longjumprace_course] done in 00:25.73 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_exodus[stage_2_Regular] done in 00:36.34 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
News: Demo Release #2 - 7 New Worldrecords13 Feb 2019 : 21:27
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:0

kz_bhop_oceanside[ez] done in 00:57.40 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_bhop_backalley done in 00:13.09 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


holy_firstmap done in 00:15.10 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mix_plm[bhop] done in 00:16.97 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mix_plm[gravity] done in 01:10.43 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mix_plm[ocean] done in 00:27.82 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


hoLy_bhopjumpers done in 00:09.98 (00:10.26 by HaRdC0rEeEe)

also check the Map List. We updated the list with around 100+ new courses.

News: Demo Release #1 - 10 New Worldrecords10 Feb 2019 : 19:33
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:2

hoLy_bhopjumpers done in 00:10.26 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_bathhouse done in 00:44.01 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_bathhouse[faster] done in 00:24.41 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mix_multitude[dire_devil] done in 00:14.95 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mix_multitude[goose] done in 00:37.65 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_mix_simpsons[doubleduck] done in 01:00.11 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)


kz_asteroid_field done in 09:56.74 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_bhop_dydhop done in 03:05.75 (03:08.69 by pacMan)
kz_bhop_shrubhop done in 01:46.28 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
kz_longjumps[lj_race_1] done in 00:40.77 (xx:xx.xx by n/a)
News: Welcome to Kreedz-Climbing.eu09 Feb 2019 : 15:16
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:0
Dear newcomers and users,

we are a Kreedz-Climbing Community for climbers, by climbers.
Our focus is to support this game with alot of features, like regular news information about the game, guides, maps, cups and demos.

We also reset the world records because a lot of them are from an older version of the game. Also there was an important update that change bhopping.
We only accept demos recorded after the new bhop update (05.dez 2018) with the exception of maps/courses that do not allow for bhop (no bhop/no jump modes).
The rules for recording and submitting demos can be found -here-.

We start with the introduction of 4 older Workshop maps and work our way to the current maps in front. In addition, there is a small demo version that is made more for testing purposes.
More about that on "read the rest".

Best regards,
News: Our First Newspost02 Feb 2019 : 22:52
Written by: Germany pacMan Mapper awarded at 1970-01-01 01:00:00. Comments:6
Welcome to http://Kreedz-Climbing.eu.
You can soon expect a bigger announcement about this project.

Best regards,
KC.eu / for climbers, by climbers
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